Malta – Malta

I’ve always been curious about Malta since ordering my gramps’ World War II military records and seeing he had a period of time stationed there. It seemed so exotic, so far away, nestled in between Africa and Italy in the Mediterranean ocean. I never thought I would visit, but it was always at the back … More Malta – Malta

Italy – Milan

Milan. It wasn’t on our bucket list and wasn’t somewhere that we were dying to visit, but when a friend happened to be visiting Europe and that was the closest place we could visit them at, we thought why not! Even though we had just arrived back from Cinque Terre on the Monday, there isn’t … More Italy – Milan

Spain – Mallorca

The winter felt incredibly long this year in Germany. Around Christmas time I had decided the only way to cure the lack of Vitamin D blues was to book a beach holiday. The first weekend I thought would be worth visiting a beach area was Memorial Day weekend – which also happens to collide with … More Spain – Mallorca

Spain – Barcelona

It wasn’t until moving to Europe that I really got the urge to visit Spain. It wasn’t that I didn’t see the amazing qualities that Spain possessed – sun, sand, surf, sangria – but that other areas of Europe seemed to have more appeal. However, the longer we are in Europe, the more attractive the beach … More Spain – Barcelona