Charles Henry

I’ve been obsessed with French Bulldogs ever since stumbling across a dog called ‘Sir Barkley Charles’ on instagram several years ago. I wanted one so bad, but they just weren’t that common down under.

Nick promised that he would be happy to add a dog to our family once we moved to Germany. Unfortunately, our landlords wouldn’t allow us a pet. We waited a year and then moved just so we could add a pup to our family. He is one lucky dog, he doesn’t realise what we went through to get him!

We ended up emailing breeders all around Europe and eventually found Charlie’s litter up near Cologne. They were born January 21, 2014. There were three puppies in his litter and we had first pick. Our little boy was the more reserved of the litter and was smaller than his brother and sister. His official name is Charles Henry, but we call him Charlie for short. It suits his personality.

He makes us laugh everyday with his antics, we’re so glad he could join our family.


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