France – Paris (II)

In June, Nick’s little brother Quinn visited for a week. When we were trying to figure out where he needed to visit, it was decided that it couldn’t be a European vacation without a trip to Paris. Germany has an extremely efficient rail system called the Deutsche Bahn. It also travels to some international locations. … More France – Paris (II)

Spain – Mallorca

The winter felt incredibly long this year in Germany. Around Christmas time I had decided the only way to cure the lack of Vitamin D blues was to book a beach holiday. The first weekend I thought would be worth visiting a beach area was Memorial Day weekend – which also happens to collide with … More Spain – Mallorca

Spain – Barcelona

It wasn’t until moving to Europe that I really got the urge to visit Spain. It wasn’t that I didn’t see the amazing qualities that Spain possessed – sun, sand, surf, sangria – but that other areas of Europe seemed to have more appeal. However, the longer we are in Europe, the more attractive the beach … More Spain – Barcelona