Slovakia – Bratislava

If you have seen the cult-classic teen movie Eurotrip you will know that the lovable characters come across an awkward situation. When trying to hail a ride to Berlin they find themselves in Bratislava, Slovakia. They end up living like kings on the $1.83 they could scrounge together amongst themselves. One line, “It’s good you … More Slovakia – Bratislava

Hungary – Budapest

Budapest was yet another city that had been on the bucket list from the very beginning. As many of you who are in Europe know, bucket lists get added to so often that it is hard to remember what they looked like in the beginning. It always seemed a little too difficult or too expensive … More Hungary – Budapest

France – Paris (II)

In June, Nick’s little brother Quinn visited for a week. When we were trying to figure out where he needed to visit, it was decided that it couldn’t be a European vacation without a trip to Paris. Germany has an extremely efficient rail system called the Deutsche Bahn. It also travels to some international locations. … More France – Paris (II)

Spain – Mallorca

The winter felt incredibly long this year in Germany. Around Christmas time I had decided the only way to cure the lack of Vitamin D blues was to book a beach holiday. The first weekend I thought would be worth visiting a beach area was Memorial Day weekend – which also happens to collide with … More Spain – Mallorca

Spain – Barcelona

It wasn’t until moving to Europe that I really got the urge to visit Spain. It wasn’t that I didn’t see the amazing qualities that Spain possessed – sun, sand, surf, sangria – but that other areas of Europe seemed to have more appeal. However, the longer we are in Europe, the more attractive the beach … More Spain – Barcelona